Couverture Duo

Self-released as a download-only album
and in an ultra-limited CD-R edition in October 2013.
Available here

Duos with Stéphane Rocheleau recorded in two sessions at my then-new home studio Rserved Parking for Musicians Only.

Release blurb
The result of two at-home sessions, Duo is a collaboration between CE François Couture on various instruments and vocals, and ®o©HLo on feedback and objects. The duo is sketching relationships between ambient noise, spontaneous songwriting, and orgasmic improvisation.
CE François Couture [French for THIS François Couture, there’s a ton of them in Quebec] is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist based in St-Faustin, Quebec, Canada. After a short semi-pro career in rock music and long years of music journalism, he came out of the musical closet in 2011, at first for a handful of private concerts. He self-released his solo debut, Vie cachée, in 2012. In the fall of 2013, he released a solo cassette on La Cohu and self-released a CD-R with ®o©HLo. A third solo album and the debut of his duo FBFC (with François Bussière) are slated for release in early 2014.

CE François Couture is also the music critic who wrote for All-Music Guide, the man behind the blog Monsieur Délire (
http://blog.monsieurdelire.com/), and the producer/host of the radio shows Délire musical & Délire actuel (CFLX, Sherbrooke, Quebec).

®o©HLo is the moniker of noisician Stéphane Rocheleau from Compton (Quebec, Canada).
Duo is his first appearance on record.

CE François Couture: theremin, piano, organ, drawdio, objects, voice
®o©HLo: mixing desk, objects, voice

Produced ny CE François Couture
Cover artwork by Stéphane Rocheleau