Limited edition cassette & download released by La Cohu, Victoriaville (Canada), October 2013.
Available here

An exploration of no-input mixing boards as solo instruments.

Press Release
Experimental musician CE François Couture releases a first physical album of noisy electronic music on Victoriaville-based cassette label La Cohu. Devant is available as a limited-edition cassette and as a digital download on La Cohu’s bandcamp site.

Devant is the follow-up to Vie cachée, CE François Couture digital-only debut self-released in 2012. For Devant, the artist has narrowed his instrumentation to focus on the art of the no-input mixing desk, with which he sculpts ever-more complex feedbacks. While Vie cachée consisted mostly in overdubbed free improvisations, Devant features real-time free improvisations on two mixing desks.

To coincide with the release of
Devant, CE François Couture will perform a short set at ArtFocus, 95 King Ouest, Sherbrooke (Quebec) on Friday, November 15, 2013, as one of two opening acts for the Rimouski-based improvisers orchestra Le GGRIL. The show starts at 8 pm. For the occasion, the artist is producing very limited CD-R editions of Vie cachée and a new duo project with Stéphane Rocheleau.

CE François Couture is also a member of the duo FBFC, whose debut album will come out in early 2014.

CE François Couture also reviews music under the name Monsieur Délire (, and he produces and hosts the radio shows Délire musical and Délire actuel at CFLX 95.5 FM in Sherbrooke.

Recorded at home, January 2013
CE François Couture: mixing desks, old synth
Cover artwork by Charles Barabé