Album virtuel gratuit / Free album release
Pan y Rosas, Chicago, juin/June 2015. Cat. no. pyr154
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Release blurb
RBC is the debut album by Rocheleau/Bussière/Couture. It consists of noise-based free improvisations ranging from wild shout-outs to quiet dirge-like pieces.

stéphane rocheleau: turntable, radio, no-input mixing board, amplified objects, fx pedals
françois bussière: theremin, cassette player, baritone ukulele, weather station, various electronics, nebulophone
ce françois couture: no-input mixing boards, vocals, objects, percussion, duck call, theremin
recorded august 2, 2014 at parking reserved for musicians only, st-faustin-lac-carré (quebec, canada).
mixed by ce françois couture.
cover artwork by stéphane rocheleau & françois bussière.


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top 2015 d’Acts of Silence! / Included in Acts of Silence’s Best of 2015 list!

Unsurprisingly, a new release comes out from the netlabel Pan y Rosas Discos and the album is great. Though Rochleau-Bussière-Couture’s RBC was officially released earlier this week, though the album has been on their website for a few days before hand, a sort of soft drop. The list of instruments or noise-makers that Rochleau-Bussière-Couture play is rather long so I will just mention a few: theremin, turntable, cassette player and weather station. As you can imagine the sound is really out there. The three Québec musicians have worked together in different formats before, but this is the first time that Rochleau-Bussière-Couture have released an album together. Rochleau-Bussière-Couture is Stéphane Rocheleau, François Bussière, and CE François Couture.
RBC opens with “Roof Burning Catastrophe”, a short track which successfully introduces us to what is in store later in the album. The title does sample the classic track “The Roof is on Fire” by Rock Master Scott & the Dybamic Three. “Really? Bing Crosby?”, the second track, is an absolutely exceptional track that begins with field recordings of wind and some vocal gibberish. After a minute or so these wind-like sounds, the beating of metal seeps in as the track turns loud and harsh. The nature of Rochleau-Bussière-Couture’s “Really? Bing Crosby?” is abrasive without being unlistenable makes this track so wonderful.
“Run! Bleed! Create!” gives the listener some breathing space with its quiet beginning. The track has a fragility to it, it borders on a sonic crumbling, a house of sounds falling apart. But Rochleau-Bussière-Couture’s tenacious playing keeps “Run ! Bleed! Create!” together even when the musicians, at the same time, are trying to tear it apart.
If you have not notice yet, every title of Rochleau-Bussière-Couture’s album contains three words that begin with an R, a B, and a C respectively.
“River, Beaches & Concrete” is a ambient noise recording that evolves into a strange improvisational vocal track filled with muted words, gutturances, and a high-pitched whine. “Really Bizarre Calimari” seems to be Rochleau-Bussière-Couture’s most pure electronic track of
RBC, it borders on ambient with a spacey electronica feel. About half-way through “Really Bizarre Calimari”, the track picks up in complexity and rhythm before retreating into it’s soothing complex electronica feel. At one point in “Really Bizarre Calimari”, did I hear The Jetson’s car aka flying saucer buzz by? The last track of RBC, “Reverse Bike Crash” settles back more into previous sounds, quiet and low-key, but this track’s simpleness isn’t a slight, it helps the listener focus on each sound rather than an being inundated with a waterfall of sound. (David Nemeth)

rocheleau/bussière/couture is an improvisational noise trio from quebec. their new album 'rbc' seems to be a set of variations on the theme of their collaboration itself, some of which is conducted from a distance. each song title is a variation on 'rbc' ('run! bleed! create!', 'roof burning catastrophe'), which adds to the thematic cohesion of the album. the music is a combination of harsh electronic noise, found sounds, radio samples and other signals, all recorded in a free improvised manner.